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About | House of Whack

Would you like to play a game where imagination is essential to its strategy?

Would you like to actually enjoy yourself for a few hours?

Can you take a swig of Whack Juice and still fend off the Queen of Heartaches with only a Hamster Launcher while teetering on the edge of Inevitable Darkness?

Are you, in short, looking for a good time?

If you are, then you are ready to visit the wondrous House of Whack, the legendary extradimensional mansion full of bizarre rooms, fiendish minions and outrageous artifacts.

The House looks different each time you play because the board unfolds as you open doors to reveal new rooms. Will you grab a snack from the Vending Machines or find yourself in the middle of the Minefield? Each room affects the way you play the game, presenting new strategies and dangers. And that’s not even taking into account the Whack Deck, which is full of entertaining wonders. Face the House’s wicked minions and traps, recruit allies to aid you, and discover violent and valuable props to add to the blender of mayhem that awaits you inside.

Whether you enjoy playing via cleverness, deceit, brute force, or co-operation, House of Whack has something to offer everyone!

The insanity doesn’t end here! House of Whack continues to mutate with free downloadable expansions and community- created content. Once you enter, you may never want to leave!

Number of Players: 2-6
For players new to the game, a session with 3-4 players is recommended.

Play Time: 1-3 hours
The number of players directly impacts the length of the game.

Age Level: 13+

Complexity: Varies
If you are used to games like Scrabble, Monopoly or Apples to Apples, House of Whack will be challenging to learn. If you can handle games like Arkham Horror, Puerto Rico, Cosmic Encounter, or Twilight Imperium, then you’ll do just fine.

Content: PG-13
There is nothing sexually explicit in House of Whack, nor is there foul language, but there are suggestive themes, violence, and nasty monsters. If you think that burning Harry Potter books is great fun and that Dungeons & Dragons is a tool forged in the deepest furnace of Hell, then this game is not for you.

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