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Help | House of Whack

House of Whack Quick Start Guide v 1.1

2.75MB PDF – Print Quality
Quick Start Guide Change Log

  • Removed references to the “Tri-Fold” cards.
  • Removed references to redeeming Gold Hearts for Strength, Spirit and Life. Players need not worry about this in a Quick Start game.

House of Whack Tediously Complex Grimoire of Rules v1.1


2MB PDF – Screen Quality
Grimoire Change Log

  • Removed references to the “Tri-Fold” cards.
  • Added Mischa’s “Move 3 spaces or roll” movement rule as the default movement rules.

Master Collection of all Guest Playing Pieces

11MB PDF – Print Quality

Q: I was looking for a more traditional FAQ with answers to specific play-related issues. Do you happen to have a FAQ lying about somewhere?
A: Not exactly. One place to look would be the forums, where issues pertaining to every aspect of the game are addressed. Also, if you look closely at certain cards, you will find answers there.

Q: I still don’t understand the premise of House of Whack. Could you explain it, please?A: Players assume the roles of strange characters with unique powers. These characters, called “Guests”, have found themselves inexplicably drawn into the House of Whack, a multi-dimensional mansion of unknown origin. The “board” is actually composed of room tiles which are assembled as play progresses, making the House different every time you play. In its basic form, the goal of the game is to collect the most Gold Hearts. Players collect Gold Hearts by exploring the House, defeating Minions and retrieving valuable objects.

Q: There’s a rule that I don’t especially like and I was wondering if it was okay to go ahead and simply ignore it.A: Always remember the House’s Golden Rule: If, by your misunderstanding, ignorance or dislike of a particular rule or game mechanic, you have a more enjoyable time playing House of Whack, then that’s how you should play the game.

Q: Why weren’t the customized Guest playing pieces included in the original game?A: Because of the way the game was printed it didn’t make sense to do so. Originally, I planned on having each Guest’s playing piece available as an individual download you could print out. But that seemed like a waste of paper. So I changed my mind and put them all in a single PDF document.

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